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Konferensi Kelautan Tingkat Dunia
WOC ’09

World Ocean Conference adalah konferensi kelautan dunia yang akan dihadiri oleh para kepala negara yang memiliki wilayah laut dan pantai, peneliti, organisasi non pemerintah, jurnalis, sektor swasta dan pengambil kebijakan untuk mencapai komitmen internasional dalam pembangunan sumber daya laut yang berkelanjutan dan kemakmuran untuk semua umat manusia

WOC is held because of the international agreements and conventions are important and have adequately accepted. However, there is a lack of political willingness to grieve forward and further implement such as agreements. WOC’ 09 will provide a platform where world leaders and decision makers will come together to make commitment for sustainable development of marine resources.

Given the fact that Indonesia the largest archipelago country and possesses the highest marine bio diversity in the world, the conntuk ference will strengthen Indonesia’s participation in the regional and international forum.

Gradual degradation of marine and fisheries resources has been related to over fishing, pollution, less prosperity of coastal and marine communities and climate change. Global effort to stop this trend is urgently required.

World Ocean Conference Topics

* Impacts of Global Climate Change on Oceans
* Marine Mega Biodiversity
* Marine Industries and Services
* Marine Hazard Mitigation
* Ocean as the Next Frontier


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